passion purityIngredients

Serves as required

Jalna Sweet & Creamy Greek Yoghourt
Passionfruit pulp or syrup
Toasted flaked almonds


Dollop Jalna yoghourt into serving glasses or dishes and drizzle over some passionfruit pulp or syrup. Repeat layering until the glass or dish
is filled to your liking. Finish off with some toasted almonds and enjoy immediately.

Try: Passionfruit pulp can be easily substituted with your favourite fruits or what ever is seasonal at the time. Try some raspberry or mango puree, mashed bananas with passionfruit, diced strawberries, stewed apple and rhubarb or dried fruit compote.

For a bit of extra crunch try some granola, muesli, toasted seed mix or chopped pistachios or walnuts in the layering. Drizzle with some honey or extra fruit puree and you can have a different version or occasion every time. 

For something different: Add Jalna Sweet and Creamy yoghourt to your favourite trifle recipe.